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The guard pt 4

"Sir, it's ready."


Snow- ultra short story

Snow. Some love it, some hate it, but none know where does it truly come from. Scientifically snow comes when 2 opposite air fronts, hot and cold, meet. But that isn't quite true.


The Days

On October 31st, 2013 the zombie apocalypse struck. Within hours, 60% of the world’s population turned into blood thirsty, flesh craving beasts.


Amazing Resident Evil Attraction at Universal Studios Japan

A live action shooting attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

See video


This is something I've thought about for a while. It's a very, very rough draft. Please keep that in mind. :)


Final Sorry

I never really had a purpose until I met Alex Freeborn.
“Here’s the deal, you give me your homework or I break your stupid little noise.” Marcus yelled into my face.


The guard pt 3

The 3rd day brought in a lot of changes. One of them has been my new training program. And it was hard. Waking up at 5 am, running 10 miles, breakfast and then more running.


A Man's Beginning

A short story that I wrote for A Creative Writings class in college, hope some of you find it gruesome enough.


The guard pt 2

The next day wasn't any better. In fact, the matters got a lot worse. We had a Shadow two kilometers away from our town. The town was full of refugees, who thought that it was safe to be here.


Saturday the 14th

3D Artist, Kristjan Lyngmo created this animated short, showing how a Jason-like serial killer winds down when not working.
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