Beyond the Seas of Dead


Whether the wrath of God
or arrogance of man
only the soulless remain to ponder
how the plague began,
If divine fury revealed in everlasting curse
or experimentation gone wrong
which should be worse?
Of this, the long empty streets cannot decide
nor the million muted footfalls of the ravenous tide
insight, wisdom or answers provide,
Dark city spires rise black against the day’s waning gray
the rock and iron palaces of the infected
commercial tombs accumulating the dust
of civilization’s duties neglected,
And I hide amidst broken, useless corpses and colorful plastic bags,
empty cans and Tommy Hilfiger rags
slinking from the mindless shambling swarm
to find a safe, dry place, if not always warm,
And so yes I am the heroic resistance,
humanity’s last glorious stand
fueled by bleak and selfish persistence
or tempting delusion of salvation at hand,
But there will be no happy ending
no cavalry rescue in a blazing hail of lead
no way of ever defending
against these armies of the dead,
On they wander without purpose or plan
these aimless, carnivorous successors
to the legacy of man,
And though sometimes still I think of you
or conjure the sound of your soft voice
the private lies that comforted me as my loneliness grew
are no longer a believable choice,
for I have seen no living now
for months and months on end
and there are no further faint hopes to hold,
no messages to send,
And you are not safely hidden somewhere
beyond the seas of dead
but merely another living corpse
with angry blankness in your head,
When this first began I told myself I am not beaten
until I am eaten
but I lost long ago to these relentless mockeries of death
and though still I draw breath
I do not live,
And if now they are more pus than blood
and more fetid rot than pus
you and I were always them
and they are simply us,
And though I hide from these zombie hordes
and am surely now deranged
they have only replaced our earthly lords
and nothing much has changed,
But to the end I walk through the valley
seeking my daily bread,
no hope of ever defending
against these armies of the dead



I have no words to describe what I felt after reading that, I know it's good, and it tingles in my mind, but I have no real words to put forth.

Eerie and seemingly sincere.

Eerie and seemingly sincere. Trophie'd.


I felt a "crawling" up the back of my head...weird! This is amazing!

Sweet, awesome job

Sweet, awesome job

Very good!

likewise, I am speechless. very good stuff this.


it felt like i was seeing all this reallly good

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