Broken Fishing Line


I mated a pair of gray socks with a Nike symbol on the bottom. I had been mating for maybe an hour and a half now, and I didn’t feel bored or restless of it because my queen was sitting on the couch watching her favorite movie (Which was Little Women). She was the prettiest little thing with her brown hair at the right length and her emerald green eyes that always sparkled when they were in my direction. Her red lips that gave the impression of a rose that made me love her more than anything. Those lips could take an honest man’s breath away. I loved her so much.
One rainy afternoon Lance Patrick, my longtime friend, knocked on my door and spoke the forbidden words that no friend should tell another. A serious accident had happened on the corner of Brixon, an elderly man that goes by the name of Tom, (his full name is Thomas but he hated it because it made him sound like a professor) was walking across the street not looking both ways like any normal human would do. Tom walked across the road not thinking of all the possibilities of accidents, and of course, an accident happened. My wife was coming around the corner with a car full of groceries that we planned to make in to a wonderful meal. She saw Tom walking across the street and her panic rose. Her natural instinct was to swerve out of the way just as anyone else would do. She collided head on with a brick wall to her side. My wife never wore her seat belt. She grew up never having to wear it, so naturally she never wears it now either. She was ejected from her little blue Kia like she was diving off a diving board but unfortunately it wasn’t water she was diving into. It was a hard brick surface that snapped her neck and killed her instantly.
When Lance told me the news I dropped my drink, which happened to be my wife’s favorite, and I sprinted faster than I thought I ever could in my life. I arrived at the scene of the accident and witnessed the body being placed on a stretcher. She was the love of my life and she always will be. I fell to my knees as I heard birds chirping from the birch across the way. It has been 2 years after her death, I still love her and I always will. I look at her tombstone and cry every time something reminds me of her pretty smile or her beautiful eyes.
Life is like fishing, your tugging the bass into your boat. You feel happiness and you’re joyful that you have caught the biggest fish you have ever seen, then the line snaps and your happiness is gone and so is your fish. See life is a little like this, one moment your happy and the next your line just broke and you know you will never ever see another fish like that one or maybe a girlfriend like that, or a dad, or a mom, or anything. The list goes on for a long time. When you’re happy, make sure to enjoy it. Don’t waste it off like it’s nothing. Love life, live life, and be happy about life.
Wear a seat belt….

By: Just Gabe
Edited by: Corey