Cure for life part 1


It all started as a cure for everything. The basic idea for the cure was- You create a cell which regenerates other cells and keeps them from dying. So yeah, it was a way towards immortality. The problem was discovered far too late. The body didn't accept the cure, but instead recognized it as a virus. In a battle to destroy it, hosts body would raise the temperature up to 43,5°C. The victim died within 12 hours of being 'treated'.
But the virus did it's purpose and reanimated the body of the deceased. Since the brain was dead for a long period of time only basic functions remained- urge to feed and drink.
Victims didn't care who they were trying to eat so they attacked their loved ones. The virus got into its new host by saliva and blood. If you are bitten, you will die, and if a single drop of infected blood hits you in the eye or you swallow it, you are doomed.
"We all know the story already." A voice came from the kitchen. "Leave the kid alone so he can rest for a bit."
A large man that stood in front of me seemed annoyed by her constant nagging.
"She never shuts up. For Gods sake kid, never get married. My name is Mark by the way, we found you lying unconscious in an old house. We thought you were dead until you whispered 'Help'. We couldn't just leave you there."
My vision was still blurry and I had no idea where I was. The room was painted in blue, the large couch stood in the middle of the room, and a fireplace was in the back of the room.
" name is Keith. I'm glad for your help, but I don't want to disturb you." I slowly stood up and got dressed.
"Where do you think you are going? The Infected are swarming all around us and you think you can just walk past them." The woman entered with a plate full of cookies. She put the in front of me and I took one. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I ate that cookie.
"Thanks. How did you survive all of this?" I sat down on the couch and they sat next to me.
"Our son was one of the first victims. He was getting back from the shop when a lady attacked him. He ran home and Mark drove him to the hospital. John-our son, was taken outside by some men. They told us that they will take care of him. A shot was heard few minutes later. Doctor tried to assure us that it was for the best that he is dead before he could murder us all. One of the men which took John came in. He simply told us what is happening and what we must do to survive." Jane explained with tears appearing in her eyes.
"It's bed time. Come, let me show you your room." Mark took me by the hand and followed me upstairs. The house was very big, every window was either barricaded or covered with blankets. Mark noticed what I was looking and explained that the Infected can't know we are here, otherwise they would attack and we had no means of defending ourselves against a horde of them.
My room was small. It only had a bed and a baseball bat in the corner.
"I know it's small, but in times like this, a bed is the only thing you need. There is a baseball just in case something happens. Goodnight."
The night was horrible. Screams of pain filled the air. Every now and then you can hear a gun fire. It was one of many nights that I didn't sleep.
About a week or so after I came to the house, I knew everything there is to know about Infected and combating them. Main component is to decapitate them or destroy the brain. You need to destroy what drives them forward, what makes the decisions. I also learned about some helpful plants I could eat or use to treat my wounds. We were running out of supplies, and Mark and I had to scavenge something from the area. The plan was to go outside around 3 o'clock when it's the hottest and the Infected keep out of the sun. Mark doesn't know why the avoid the sun. He has a theory that the virus isn't able to regenerate cells and fast as the body decomposes, and the warmth help with the decomposition, so the Infected stay somewhere where it's cold.
It was time to move out. We checked the streets for any Infected and moved out.
"Remember what I taught you. Keep as silent as you can. There is no need to attract unwanted attention. When you want to distract them, throw a rock." Mark was very worried about me since it was my first time out.
"Don't worry, I'll be fine," I tried to convince him that I'm ready to help them, and that I'm not a helpless kid I was a week ago.
I took my bat and slowly opened the door to be blinded by rays of sun. It was wonderful. I almost forgot how the sun felt on my skin. My moment of joy was interrupted by a scream.
"What the help was that?" I whispered to Mark and hid behind a car.
"It's the Infected, they found themselves a victim." He stated and began praying for the poor persons soul.
We looted about 3 houses when I saw my first Infected. It was a beautiful woman. She was naked.
"Enjoying the sight are we?" Mark caught me starring. I chuckled. But suddenly she turned in my direction and screamed. I was taught not to run, that they will catch up after some time, and I'm taking a risk of attracting more. Instead I'm to stand my ground and fight. But I couldn't hit her. She was a girl. It sounds stupid doesn't it, she is trying to murder and then feast on me, but I can't hurt her. Mark knew what I was thinking about so he took her down instead.
"It's okay. I couldn't kill my first too." He padded me on the back.
"Let's go ho..." He stopped and starred in the street. The scream attracted more. Lots, about 25. We could take them on.
"Kid, I love you. Now run, and tell Jane that you two must leave. I'll hold them off." A tear rolled down his cheek. I hugged him and ran as fast as I could. He is a brave man. His death is honorable.

This is possibly part 1 of the series I plan to write. If you liked it, I'll continue the series, but if you don't then we will pretend that this didn't happen. As always write some feedback and let me know what you liked and what you didn't.


I'll continue. I'm not from

I'll continue. I'm not from an English speaking country so my grammar sucks. I will try to fix it, but I hope you aren't grammar nazis

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