Cure for life part 2


Note: My grammar sucks. I'm not from an English speaking country so I don't know most of the things, I'm only taught the basics. But I try not to make spelling mistakes and confuse your-you're their-there-they're and stuff like that. Enjoy :D

"Mark, honey, they found an universal cure for AIDS, cancer, and many other terminal illnesses. Isn't that great?"- Jane shouted from the living room.
Mark liked to sleep late, but his wife, again, woke him up early.
"Wonderful," he said in a sarcastic tone.
Mark dragged himself to the bathroom, starting his ritual. Wash teeth-Shave-Get dressed. He almost felt like a robot. The world was a very boring place. Somewhat refreshed, he got himself a cup of coffee and sat next to his wife.
"John isn't up? That is unacceptable. If I was forced out of my blissful sleep, so will he. John get your ass up!" Mark screamed, chuckling. John may be on a summer brake, but that doesn't grant him a favor of sleeping till noon.
The news on the TV were true. Out of 10,000 AIDS and 20,000 cancer sick people treated, all of them are now cancer/AIDS free. It really was a miracle. The patients however, didn't want to talk to the press. Why don't they share their story?
"Dad, I'm off to the shop. Do you need anything for your royal holiness?" John appeared from the hallway. By the look on his face, he was angry for being woken up so early. It's only 11 am. Most of his friends could sleep as long as they wanted, but only he couldn't.
"Yes slave, while you are out there, buy me some ice cream." Mark then extended his arm in order for John to kiss it. Teenagers, all the same.
John went outside with a smile. His that may be annoying dictator, but he had some sense of humor.
Name of the store he entered was.. interesting. 'The shop', as if it was important for the survival of the whole human race. He was happy to see that stores air-conditioning was working. It was at least 5 degrees colder than outside. He could stay here forever. But, John had a job to do and no one will get in the way. He walked from aisle to aisle with a speed of the fastest snail alive. He found the ice cream his father wanted, and got himself a Coke.
John rushed back home. On his way home, Ms Jonathan followed him. He didn't like that. She was old but creepy. Suddenly she screamed and ran towards him. How can she run so fast, John wondered while the old 65 year old chased him. She was gaining on him which made John even more worried. He was a football player, the fastest one on the team, and an old lady was faster. Ms Jonathan grabbed his arm and bit him. John took the Coke bottle and slammed it on her head. She got knocked out and John made a run for his home.
"Oh my God, John what happened to you?" Mark ran to the kitchen looking for a bandage.
"Ms Johnson attacked me. I knocked her out. She wasn't normal, as if she was possessed by a demon." John was shaking. He was just defending himself, nothing more.
"Mark, I think he has a fever. Look at him." Jane was worried about her son. She put her hand on his forehead just to be surprised by its warmth.
"We got to get him to the hospital. He is burning." Jane stated, trying to control her voice. She knew that human mouth is filled with bacteria and that his wound was probably infected.
When they reached the hospital, they were stopped by a large man. Mark pushed him aside, but then three more appeared.
"Your son needs to go with us. Doctors will explain you everything." The smallest one in the group took John and made a sad smile. He knew that he was doing the right thing.
A doctor came outside to see what was happening. He saw the wound on Johns arm. He nodded and men took off.
"Please, sit. My name is doctor Matt Stevenson, but just call me Matt. Your son is a victim of a failed cure. The cure made for keeping people healthy now made them into homicidal maniacs. Your son.... is gone. Trust me, you wouldn't like him to come back and try to kill you. I know what it's like." Doctor hugged Jane to calm her down. She was shaking and crying. Her son was just about to get killed and she didn't do anything to stop them.
"Come, let me show you what you need to know. We ran some tests on captured Infected. It may help you survive." A soldier stepped towards Mark and Jane. Mark knew that he will kill everyone who tried to hurt his wife, he might as well know how.
After 2 days of training, Mark and Jane went home. Their city didn't look the same. Fires were burning throughout the city and many houses were destroyed, including their own home. A new one had to be found. In the ruins of a house a boy was lying. Mark thought he was Infected, but the boy whispered something. He looked like John. No one will hurt this boy as long as he lives. It's the least he can do to honor John.

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