Cure for life part 3


I ran. I had to obey his last wish. He was like a father to me, took me in when I was lost and defenseless and now I'm running from a fight. But, there was somebody else who I needed to take care of. Jane felt like my mother for the past week and I had to protect her. By the time I reached our home, I noticed that two Infected were following me. They had no legs, so it was an easy target. I grabbed my bat, slowly walked to them. I enjoyed every second of it. Smashing their skulls and destroying what is left of their bodies. I knew that it wouldn't bring Mark back to life, but I needed a relief.
When I entered the house Jane was already worried. She was so happy to see me after hours of worry. As I slipped in, Jane noticed that Mark wasn't there. I just couldn't say to her what happened, tell her how I cowardly left him in a desperate run for my life. But she already knew what happened. She sat in one of the chairs that surrounded the kitchen table. Minutes of silence passed by. I just stood there like an idiot. No emotion on our faces. Jane's eyes were starring at the floor, but her mind was with Mark. I had to get us both back to the real world.
"We have to go. The Infected will arrive soon," I whispered in her ear while stroking her black hair.
"It's going to be alright," I tried to get her on her feet.
"Nothing is going to be okay!" I could feel the grief mixed with anger on her voice, "You left him there to die."
"He died saving me and giving us some time to leave. He died so he can protect you," I tried to sound calm. I started packing. Food, clothes, weapons, anything that could be useful and that could fit in my backpack. But Jane wasn't moving. She had no more will to live. I checked the windows. Shadows were closing in. There were at lease ten of them. I'll protect Jane with my life. Now I could see them. They weren't Infected, they were refuges. And at in the front of them, Mark stood proudly marching to his wife. How is that possible, the Infected were around him, closing in fast. Then I saw that there were some soldiers in the lines of the refuges. They probably shot the Infected. I ran outside hugging Mark. He returned the hug and ran to find his wife. It was beautiful. Seeing how they loved each other. I wish I had that. They came out. Mark slowly walked towards a black man in an army uniform.
"This is Sargent Williams. He is the man who saved my life." I saw how grateful Mark was. Who wouldn't after being faced with certain death, but them be saved by a random stranger. Sargent was small. Smaller than me. But he was muscular. I put my hand for a shake. I wanted to thank the man who saved one of the only persons I have left as a family. He shook my hand and asked me for my name. After a formal greeting, we were invited to join the in their journey to the hospital.
"Would hospital be swarming with Infected?" I asked, but knew that there must be a reason. I didn't consider him stupid.
"The Infected are probably gone. Went to find some fresh food when the area around the hospital became empty. And other survivors will probably avoid it. But good idea" He padded my head as if I was a 4 year old. He gave an order to move out. It was a beginning of a new life. A safer one. Plus, I notices some kids my age in the group, so I'll at least have someone to hang out with.

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