Cure for life part 4


Refuges were well stocked. Every member had a gun and a melee weapon. I felt safe with them, who wouldn't with so much soldiers and weapons.
The day was hot, but to my relief there were signs of rain in the sky. Earth needs some refreshment. Many plants are about to wither away, lawns are big, showing signs that nobody was left to take care of them.
People in the group didn't look tired. They were safe and fed, so they had no reason to worry. Everyone could notice who were newbies in the group. Me, Mark and Jane were constantly looking around in search of danger. But we weren't teased about it. They could relate.
I noticed that a girl was, from time to time, looking at my direction. I slowly walked toward her, changing my mind about what to say, or should I go there at all. By the time I made up my mind, she was already by my side. We both were nervous. After a minute of walking in silence I maned up and made my move.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?" It was stupid, but I had to start a conversation somehow.
"It is. My name is Mary. It's nice to meet you," she laughed and extended her hand.
"My name is Keith. It's a pleasure to meet you too," I shook her hand. Looks like this is a beginning of a new friendship.
We talked all day. After Sarge told us that we'll settle at a cemetery for the night, people began to complain.
"How do you expect us to sleep here"
"This is disrespecting of God and the dead"
I just sat down on a pile of leafs. People were stupid. Don't they see the walls around them. They are about 9 feet tall. No one could jump that and only place we need to protect are the gates. I don't think that dead would mind that their final resting place is used to protect people.
Sarge said everything that I thought. People seemed to calm down. There were still some complaints, but they kept it for themselves, just mumbling something before lying down. Mary sat next to me. Mark and Jane wanted to do the same, but when they noticed that Mary is with me, they smiled and walked away.
"I hope you don't mind me sleeping with you," she said laying her head on my chest. How could I say no. I've never been good with girls and she was just falling for me. At least that's what I hoped. I hugged her and went to sleep. Her smell made me so calm and relaxed I was knocked out immediately.
I always wondered how the Sun, so far away, always managed to find a hole somewhere and hit my eyes. When I opened my eyes, Mary was lying on top of me. I didn't want to move, she looked so peaceful. After a while she waked up.
"Good morning. How did you sleep?" she said closing her eyes, wanting to sleep more.
"Good morning to you too. I didn't sleep this good for a long time," she smiled, and kissed my cheek. I was surprised. I hugged her, and that made her go to sleep again. I didn't mind.
The morning was beautiful. When I shook of the leafs off, I went to see Mark and Jane. They were awake so I sat next to them.
"Who is the mysterious girl?" Mark teased me. I smiled and defended myself with silence. Even Jane wanted to pull out some information. I grinned and left, leaving them with nothing. I wanted to bug them a bit. It isn't fun if they knew everything. They need to work a bit.
Then something jumped on my back, almost knocking me on the floor. My first idea was to trow it off of me. But them I heard Mary's laughter.
"Are those your parents" she asked with no intention of getting down.
"Yeah, Mark and Jane. Where are your parents?" I shouldn't say that. God, I was stupid. I began to apologize, whipping a on her cheek.
"They died," she whispered, but her smile came back. "Come on, let's look around. We will boldly go where no one had gone before."

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