Cure for life part 5


We walked around, exploring the cemetery. Mary wasn't heavy, but after a while I got tired and sat down.
"What's the matter, out of shape?" Mary teased me. She was always so cheerful. Then she pushed me to the ground and held my hands.
"Ha, I'm even stronger than you. You wouldn't survive a day without me."
"Now I know who is man of the house," I joked and rolled her over.
Then I kissed her.I just hoped that I wasn't rude. But she returned the kiss. I never guessed that I would, in times like this, fall in love.
"Infected!" Soldier shouted and started firing.
"Come on," Mary rushed, "We have to help them"
There were at least hundred of them, swarming at the gates. Soldiers were swearing, some just curdled into a corner. I saw Mark rushing to aid them.
"I want all the civies in the tombs. Jackson, get onto the tree and give me a report" Sarge was shouting the instructions. I admired him. Even in situation like this he managed to keep a cool head. Mary ran to the tombs, calling me after her. But, I already knew that I won't run like I did last time. I will stand my ground with Mark and fight to my last breath.
"Keith, grab the crowbar. You are going to need it. Infected are going to overrun us." Mark trowed the crowbar at me and I've dropped it. Hoping that no one noticed, I picked it up and ran to the gates.
More of the came. Like a river of death, they wanted to drown us in their horde. I took down 20 of them, but it seemed that for every one I get, ten of then appear. The battle was a lost cause.
"Keith, I want to you go to the tombs and hide there. You fought bravely, but someone need to look after Jane and the rest," Mark stated, trying to control panic in his voice, "Go on, we will hold them off."
"Just go, or I'm gonna personally trow you outside."
I ran, again, like a coward. When I got to the tombs I knocked on the entrance. But no one answered.
"Open up, I'm alive." I screamed, but no voice was heard from the inside.
Only thing I could do is use the force to open it. I wish I didn't. There was blood everywhere. A growl cane from the depth of the tomb. Then a scream. Someone who was Infected got inside with the survivors. I prepared myself to avenge Mary. It started to move. It was Mary. The anger, the hunger in her eyes made me fall to my knees and await my death. I could hear the gates collapsing and the screams of terror from those who were eaten alive. And there it was, my Mary, making our love eternal.


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