Halloween is coming up!


Hey guys, Halloween is coming up and I thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks for fake blood, makeup, ooze, etc.

First up, my fake blood recipe. This is edible, but later I'll show you a "tastier" edible blood recipe. Most of the things you'll need are common household items, however, you might need to take a trip to the market.
The things you'll need:
Barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring. You'll first need a dish to mix all the ingredients into, then proceed my adding all of the ingredients one at a time. And remember, just a SMALL amount of food coloring. You can add more later, if needed. Don't mix yet, once you've got all of the ingredients in, mix!. You may need to add more mustard, which will help with the translucency of the blood, more chocolate syrup, which will help with the darkness of the blood, and/or more red food coloring, which will obviously make it more red. You can also add water to make it less thick. Your finished product should look pretty real! It should have the same shade as blood, and also flow like real blood. The blood may stain your skin, due to the food coloring, and also may stain your clothes. The stain on your skin shouldn't last very long, or at least not be very noticeable. The blood does have an odd barbecue smell, which may kind of gross some people out; Be warned! This blood is perfect for special effects makeup, Halloween, or just freaking out your friends! I hope you guys enjoy my fake blood recipe, let me know what you think!

Next, my "tastier" edible fake blood recipe. This is my edible fake blood recipe, it tastes a lot better than you'd think! The things you'll need: Maple syrup, corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring. Start by mixing all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Your blood may look a little too dark, bright, or thick. To fix those problems, add more red food coloring, chocolate syrup, or water. This fake blood won't look as realistic as the blood I showed you earlier, but it tastes a lot better and doesn't have an odd odor! You can eat this blood, spit it out of your mouth, fill blood capsules, or put it wherever! It's up to you. Personally, this is one of the best and most realistic "edible" fake blood recipes I have seen. I just thought I'd show you how to make the edible fake blood I use. Let me know how you guys like it!

In my spare time, I enjoy doing special effects makeup. Infections, bruises, wounds, and more. So, I'm going to explain what I use to make a really good, realistic looking ooze. This may seem weird, but all it is is aloe vera gel and yellow food coloring. Simply mix the food coloring into the gel right in the bottle, or in a dish. Remember, don't use too much food coloring, it'll ruin it if you use too much! The finished product should be a slightly yellow, translucent gel. It looks just like ooze! Pile it on, or spread it out! Perfect for special effects makeup, or Halloween! Comment and tell me how you liked it!

Next, tips on special effects makeup, or Halloween makeup. First, scar wax! Too sticky? Try lubing your fingers up with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) before trying to mold the wax onto your skin. It really does help quite a bit! Next, sunken it eyes. Most people just pile on black paint, or black shadow for the sunken in/ dead look. But, I've found that if you use some purple in there, it creates a deeper look. That's because purple catches light very well. So, give purple a chance! It helps! Next, my favorite! ZOMBIES! Noticed zombies have gross, greasy hair? Just add conditioner to your luscious mane and you get that greasy, dirty look. You'll have to get all of your hair, so you might have to use a handful or two. It'll get your zombie costume looking better, and your hair will smell fantastic! Something else? Heck yes! How about deep, meaty looking wounds? To get your cuts, scrapes, or gashes that "meaty" look, simply soak some cotton ball in fake blood and apply to your wound. You can cut up the cotton ball for smaller spaces, or use the whole thing. This will make the wounds look like there is flesh or muscle chillin' there. Mmmm-eaty! To conclude, here are some random facts/ tips: Blue + Orange makes the best brown, you can cover your eyebrows with glue-stick, petroleum jelly will help smooth out scar wax, try melting gelatin for a interesting wound texture, latex covered googly eyes make awesome boils/ zits, uncooked rice looks like maggots, you can make spirit gum remover with mineral oil and petroleum jelly, make prostetics with a Play-Doh mold and liquid latex, and...uh....it takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep... I doubt anyone read all of this, but thank you! Tell me what you think of my recipes, or comment. Any questions? Email me at EAPerry1328@gmx.com. Thanks, guys! May add photos soon..



I love bieng a zombie around halloween time and planning to trick a friend so thank you for the tips.

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