Just some death metal lyrics I'm working on.


TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB enjoy your rotting flesh, I'll free your soul from this hell we call earth.
Breaking every bone inside your puny little being, I'll destroy you and return you to the dirt.
Craving to take your innocence I will betray everything I know, and rape your soul before I crush you.
Fucking pitiful disgrace, you waste of space, cast down your faith, I will punish you and send you to your god

AND HE WILL FUCKING CHOKE!!! Down the tears as he looks into your sewn shut eyes remembering that you're a fucking slut

Just remember next time KEEP YOUR FUCKING LEGS SHUT!



Wow? A little harsh for me. I can picture a horned demon tearing a girl apart tho? That's good...

Jen O.o

Thank you =D

Thank you =D


Damn......Some heavy stuff...I like it.....it has alot of rage behind it...but it feel like real rage....not just some stuff to look good....basically this feels like it was derived from real life experiences. I like it....i want to hear the guitar shreadding now......wait...the only thing i dont really like is the rape ur soul bit....but whatever its ur music and u emotions so say what you want....but yeah its cool!

Thank you

there was a lot of rage in this. I found out my girlfriend has a flirting problem, and she really can't help it, and we talked it out late last night, but at the time I was so pissed. Because I read something that she was typing to someone, and it was this guy in england and she was asking him when he was sending her money so she can sex him up. I was so pissed. I was like, the good folks at Horrorschool would appreciate my raw emotion right about now.


Wow, that sucks man. We are totally here for you