The Unending Fields


In the very depths of Hell there are fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. These fields are tended just like any other, and are nourished by flowing streams that are set into the fields at various points. No one dares to drink from these streams, for they are filled with the blood of the eternally tormented. To drink from the streams is to drink in the pain of those who have shed the liquid.
The streams nourish the fields, which, like the streams, are not typical fields. There is not a single ear of corn to be found in these fields; nor is there a single blade of wheat as far as the eye can see. Nothing is grown; only planted, tortured, and surveyed. These fields are populated by the disembodied souls of the dead. The damned are brought to these fields in order to pay for their misdeeds during their life. The blackest of nights is broken by the cries of these damned souls, while the days are filled with the sounds of torture and pain.
There are acres upon acres of souls planted in these fields as if they were trees reaching towards the fiery skies. This is the Wailing Forest, where souls beg eternally for nourishment but never receive relief. Not far from the Wailing Forest sits the Field of the Visage. As the name suggests, these fields are filled with nothing but the faces of the souls brought to this place. They constantly beg for the attention of all who pass while pleading not to be stepped on. It is a fruitless endeavor due to the fact that they are the path for which to walk. Hell is nothing if not ironically cruel.

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