Zombie apocalypse happening now


Tuesday, August 7th, 2012.
2:41 a.m.

It just started happening. The world has to know. I don't know how long I have to write this but I had to get the word out. I posted it on Facebook but after ten minutes all I have is three likes and noone is taking it seriously. Please ignore spelling and grammar errors.

The zombie apocalypse is happening. It is real. Something I have hoped for for years is happening right now, in my small town it is starting and I am scared shitless. They have taken over the town in a matter of hours. If anyone who reads this is close, please help me. I live in Bewdley, Ontario, Canada. You must help us.

It started just about 12 hours ago. I was coming back from work and driving into town through this forested area I looked down for one second to check the time and SMASH. I fucking hit someone! just crumbled her. I was looking up as she flew over the windshield. I panicked of course and spent about five minutes violently heaving and trying to get myself under control before I managed to get out and check the girl.

She is so young. Was so young, is so young. I don't know how to describe her now. Probably only eight or nine years old. She should not have been on that stretch of road. No person is ever on that stretch of road. I checked her pulse and found nothing. But although I have a cpr certificate I am not experienced so I leaned down to listen to breathing positioning my ear right below her fucking mouth. Rookie mistake.

Tip 1) now that it has begun, don't lean in and listen for breathing from anyone "dead". Just don't fucking do it.

Well, she raged out and bit me. Took the top half inch of my ear clean off. I don't know if I am changing or what but that shit hurt like hell. I am tracking my progress and seem to be getting a fever, my temperature is up to 99.6, but otherwise I feel fine.

Anyways, she bit me and I freaked out and basically boot stomped her to death...again. This is literally the first day in two years I have actually worn my safety boots with steel toes to work. It was fate. My guardian angel preparing me to stomp the fuck out of this little girl.

I'm rambling.

I killed her, no doubt about it. I stomped her little head in until nothing remained but mush and brain goop. I vomited hard and didn't know what to do so I raced home. about an hour later the screams started.

At first I thought someone had found the girl but then I realized there was multiple screams from multiple areas. I was home with my dad having a couple beers trying to relax and get my shit together after killing a young girl and the goddamn screams were making it very hard to do.

We decided together to try and find out what was going on and set out down the road, towards the lake 400 meters away. 200 meters into it I was taking point and BAM i hear a noise behind me and turn around just in time to see my dad jumped by our neighbors. A couple in their 50's with a combined weight of 440. They took him down and just started eating him. TOTALLY FUCKING EATING HIM. I have read every book. Watched every movie and I knew what was happening.


So I raced home, my dad was too far gone to care, and I locked myself inside. I grabbed as much food and water as I could and ran upstairs and used a drill to disconnect the stairs, just like Max Brooks suggests. If i don't turn I should be okay for a while. But I'm begging you please, whoever you are, if you read this. come help me! Come save me. This problem will not be confined to this area and will spread. I need to be a part of the solution and I can't barricaded in my own house. Save me and together we can work towards eradicating the zombie virus.

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