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The Hidden Death by Tommaso Ausili

Italian photographer Tommaso Ausili, visited a slaughterhouse to create this series titled “The Hidden Death" with horrifying results.


Cure for life part 5

We walked around, exploring the cemetery. Mary wasn't heavy, but after a while I got tired and sat down.


Cure for life part 4

Refuges were well stocked. Every member had a gun and a melee weapon. I felt safe with them, who wouldn't with so much soldiers and weapons.


Cure for life part 3

I ran. I had to obey his last wish. He was like a father to me, took me in when I was lost and defenseless and now I'm running from a fight. But, there was somebody else who I needed to take care of.


Cure for life part 2

Note: My grammar sucks. I'm not from an English speaking country so I don't know most of the things, I'm only taught the basics.


Cure for life part 1

It all started as a cure for everything. The basic idea for the cure was- You create a cell which regenerates other cells and keeps them from dying. So yeah, it was a way towards immortality.


A Dream within a Dream

As I drift off to sleep, I have a dream within a dream that sticks out more than the others. I know I’ve been having dreams up until this point, but this one was a normal.


Zombieland's Full Uncut Intro

See Zombieland's full uncut intro.

Horrific Zombie Bento Boxes

Nothing like some realistic severed heads that are more nutritious than the real thing, in the form of classic Japanese cuisine.


The Cutest Zombie Baby You'll See Today

Quite possibly the most creative and cute zombie baby costume ever.

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