The other 10% of your time


Naturally, we're all spending about 90% of our "free time" laying in non-perishables and ammo, training with our weapons of choice and a couple of backups, combing the news for warning signs of outbreaks, and lurking here at the Zombie's Workshop. But what about that other 10%? What occupies your time & your mind on those rare occasions you manage to forget the constant threat of the walking, living, gnawing dead?

I'm a big reader, mostly fiction. Been reading a lot of detective stories lately. Ooh, and comics! John Constantine is probably my favorite fictional character ever. He'd be handy in a zombie outbreak, so long as you were never in a position where he could save himself by sacrificing you...

And I love the blues. I'm bummed that electricity - and with it the electric guitar - will be one of the early casualties of a massive outbreak.


When I'm not reading zombie

When I'm not reading zombie books, I love sci fi and horror novels. I particularly love reading end of the world stories; my favourites being Lucifer's Hammer, The Stand, Swan Song and Parable of the Sower.

I'd be interested to know what people list as their top 5 books of all time. Mine are:
Ender's Game
The Stand
The Other Boleyn Girl
World War Z

I guess you can see how much sci fi/horror dominates my reading!