Escape Velocity (sequel to PaxCorpus, the horror-thriller) - The opening (rough draft) and other info!


Hi! If you were around here a year ago, you probably saw a few articles related to my recently published novel, PaxCorpus.

Well, now the time has come for the sequel! Whether you've read PaxCorpus or not, you should still be able to jump right into the storyline, even if Escape Velocity is your first taste of fiction by Yours Truly.

For the first "taste-test," I'd like to share with all of you the opening sequence from the first draft of Escape Velocity. Tell me what you think. Be both positive and negative! After you've read the opening, check out the cover artwork and the first trailer! :D

Chapter0:Run Like Hell

Meryl screams visceral, one word erupting from her mouth, “RUUUUUN!!!!” Her voice pierces through the slobbering moans of the dead--we’re scrambling around with our feet and our weapons and the oncoming horde is at fever pitch.

The street leading outward from Allentown may as well be uphill and a hundred damn miles long.

I just woke up.

I just got out of bed.

It never fuckin’ ends.

Aiming a few rounds behind, “WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?!”

“AWAY!” Rob pats my shoulder and the bottom of his weapon taps the bone, the firing of a bullet sending a deafening ring to my ear.

Elbow jabbing him, “FUCK!”

Meryl’s up ahead checking for unlocked cars and a set of keys as we continue to move. Seconds later we’re piling into a jet-black Charger--She’s at the wheel, I’m shotgun, Ed and Rob squeeze together and we’re squealing away.

But as we careen onto the open road something else emerges in the rear-view. A gigantic big rig with mounted weapons and a steel shutter windshield--enormous Z across the grill.

I curl up a fist and slam the glove box, “COME ON, GIVE US A GODDAMN BREAK!” Screaming at the glass.

A hail of bullets rain down in an intervention we hadn’t fuckin’ asked for. She grips the wheel tight and swerves around, dodging an abandoned vehicle and another ridiculously long burst of ammunition, but there’s just too much shit littering the road.

Everything flashes before me and we’re barely missing the back-end of an almost flattened Prius, going end over end, defying gravity and only one thing buzzes around inside of my head.

If I lose her today, right now, it would be the end of me.

Hands and arms against the roof, holding balance desperately, she glances a steel eye at me and as all four wheels come pounding to the pavement, she’s concentrating again, on the road to New Jersey.


Thank you for reading and/or commenting, there shall be more as time moves forward!

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