Who doesn't love the cult classic Killer Tomatoes?! I was inspired by a friends request and decided to attempt a killer tomato in all its glory!

This is not the final product, but you are getting a sweet preview! You can even request yours today. The teeth will be painted white and he will be bunched with two other killer tomatoes!

I even plan on having one munching on a bloody finger...

I think they are perfect for any horror guru and they are a great symbol for any hardcore fan. You can make yours unique, since no two are alike. Each killer tomato is one of a kind.

What do you guys think? Should I make more of these types of items? He is available at my Etsy for Customization!



PS: I hope I did the Killer Tomatoes justice. I have honestly just watched it for the first time last night. I go all out, when I use my references lol.

Killer tomato Left sideview Right sideview


He's a cute little guy!

He's a cute little guy!


Awe. ^__^

I want to c a finished one

But I'm still buying one, and downloading the theme song

Ive never seen it either,

but I do Love your killer tomato!


I'm finishing the girls order tonight and posting finished photos later! It's a lot of defining, painting and drying lol

Thank you for liking him! I realized he isn't zombie related and thought I would get in trouble.