The Purple Haze


Debut novel from Gary Richardson
SYNOPSIS - In the small town of Leyland, a group of thieves plan to pull off their final job and steal three million pounds from a bank. The job seems to be a success, until the alarm is tripped and the police surround the building. A standoff ensues, and the police try to negotiate a resolution before the thieves begin to kill their hostages.
Things take a strange turn, however, when an eerie purple mist renders everyone unconscious. When people begin to wake up, they find that they are among only a small few who haven’t been killed and mutilated by the mist. Then, the dead return to feed on the living, forcing the surviving police, thieves and hostages to band together in a bitter struggle for survival.



Action packed and thrilling from start to finish!

The Purple Haze is brilliant from start to finish and is packed full of action and suspense. I was gripped reading this novel and read it in one sitting, i couldn't put it down.

Available now from

'The Purple Haze' has now been released in paperback on and on Amazon sites across Europe.

Over 1000 Copies in Five Days!!!

The Jubilee weekend resulted in a brilliant promotion for my book, and as a result roughly 1200 copies were downloaded over the five days. Massive thanks to anyone who downloaded it! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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