Zombie Avenger XXI


Meet Joe Hunter, Zombie Avenger. Joe leads a typical life in the year 2025.
Earth hasn't changed a whole lot, apart from a plague of Zombies caused by the outbreak of a mutant strain of Rabies. A young German boy spread the deadly strain after he was biten by a bat. Now, Earth is shared by humans and Zombies alike. Towns are mostly uninhabited, except for those few who seek refuge in their ruins.

Joe is hunting Zombies when a call goes out about a nest of the creatures in an old mill near where he has just dispatched another vile creature. Joe heads out to the mill to meet up with a young hunter named Dean. On his way to the mill he encounters a young woman being chased by two meat heads, a name given to the Zombies. Joe runs over one Zombie and quikly scalps the second, before setting out to find the young girl, he finds her hiding near some bins. The girl is Jean, and Joe takes her with him to the mill after he has promised to bring her to a safe place.

Joe and Dean dispatch the nest of Zombies and then set out to reunite Jean with a group of friends. They end up in an old shopping centre where Joe is confronted by a new breed of Zombie in an action packed finish.

Zombie Avenger XXI is a short film styled on those cheesy, guilty pleasures we all like to have. With corny one liners and plenty of action, reminiscent of actions movies from the 80's, Zombie Avenger XXI is a tongue in cheek adventure with a new hero
Joe Hunter, Zombie Avenger.

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