Zombie Fingers, Toes, and Ears


Hey Everyone!

I got home from one of my shows last month and started doing a few small sculptures to kind of decompress from the months of work leading up to the art show. One of the random sculptures I made was a zombie finger. It turned out pretty cool and looked perfect for a keychain. SO I made a mold and cast a few. They were such a blast to paint and looked gross so I showed them off to a few friends. The first batch sold so quickly I decided to make more and while I was at it sculpt up a toe and ear as well. I'm working on a few more designs.

Check them out I'd love the hear your feedback.



Have a great week!

Zombie Finger Keychain


Thank you!

Thank you for checking it out! If you have any questions hit me up on Facebook. The link is above in the post.

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