Zombies Ruined My Weekend by Jeffrey Scott Sorensen


Since I was younger, I have always been fascinated and terrified by the idea of a zombie invasion. The idea of a dead human being with limitless stamina to chase you and tear your skin apart is just a horrific thing to think about experiencing. When I was little I'd have nightmares and have to wake up and look out my window to see if any were coming whilst on my second floor townhouse. Obviously, none ever came.

Around 2+ years ago, I tinkered with the idea of writing a book. I had multiple stories outlined for various different tales I can tell. Some turned into well received short stories, and others just page long summaries that I figured I'd get back to. It was then I watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead on whatever channel was replaying it on a weekend. The movie as a whole is alright, but the first 10 minutes of it were flawless. Tiny things happen, and the protagonist wakes up and all hell is breaking loose. The scenes of the neighborhoods in chaos really stuck because you never really see the local effect of everything. It's always the downtown city areas, and all the main characters can do head shots like pro's from 100 yards out. That wasn't realistic. I want to see people who are winging it, scared, have no idea what is going on, but trying to be brave and hold in their emotions as best as they can, even if they mostly fail at it.

So, right then and there I started writing my book. I live in Metro-Detroit, and thought it natural for it to be the setting. I went all around the area to research locations and get offered drugs by A LOT of questionable characters, and also give change to even more questionable characters.

Just recently, as little as a week ago, I finished the book and will be releasing it on July 24th, 2012. I'm very proud of it, and plan to write more and more. I have a link posted for my book on facebook, and also an event that I hope many of you will join. On the 24th, I will link the site where it can be purchased. I will list it at an impulse buy of around 5 bucks. If I put it up at 25 dollars, I'd punch myself in the face.

Official Synopsis:

"20 something Kevin Howard is enjoying a weekend in with his girlfriend. Unknown to him, the world is being destroyed by the undead. He travels the Metro-Detroit area in search of his parents, and a safe place."



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